Identify, Help, Review

    • Identify student’s interests and strengths that will impact the college choice process
    • Provide structure and timelines to the application process
    • Help plan for college testing (PSAT, ACT, SAT’s, SAT II’s) and test preparation (actual test prep by others)
    • Review student’s current and proposed high school curriculum
    • Provide tools and resources to assist student in completing self-directed research
    • FAFSA, scholarship and financial aid overview (overview only, financial counseling by others)

Research, Work, Evaluate

    • Research and develop list of possible colleges which could be a good fit for the student
    • Provide guidance on presenting “best picture” of student to respective colleges
    • Work with student on college visits and interviews (provide mock interviews)
    • Essay brainstorming, review and suggestions of student-prepared draft/s
    • Evaluate college options after acceptances

Reach for the stars!

Guidance is offered in the selection of high school courses and curriculum, the proper timeline for preparation of required tests (PSAT, ACT, SAT, SAT II), and in the choosing of appropriate extracurricular activities that support the student’s interests, strengths and goals. Students will learn how to research colleges, prioritize their needs, and to communicate their unique attributes through their application, essay, and interviews. With a third party, such as CCA, involved in the college application and search process the parent/child relationship can remain well balanced, with less conflict arising.

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Our Approach

Cascade College Advisors has a team of experienced professionals who work with our clients. We share a sincere interest in helping our students expand their knowledge of colleges with the goal that they be well positioned for acceptance to a range of schools. Having a team to work with each student allows CCA to devote the proper time and attention to a student’s specific needs and desires. We will develop an individualized plan of action for each student geared to reaching his or her goals.



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